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RS1 Series Interconnects

The RS1 Series is Slinkylinks flagship RCA interconnect.

Every step of the RS1 design is for ultimate sonic reproduction. You can expect lucid, clear and dynamic performance. Experience a rich vibrant sound. An ultra-low distortion design delivers ink-black backgrounds, focussed imaging and a wide soundstage. Bass response is deep, tight, controlled and tonal.

The RS1 interconnects are an uncompromising upgrade for your system delivering ultimate detail.


- Four, 99.999% pure silver conductors
- Slinkylinks 96% quad tube air insulation configuration
- Eichmann Silver Bullet RCA connectors
- Unshielded ultra-low capacitance design
- WBT silver solder terminations
- Long life sonic performance design
- Hand assembled and made exclusively in New Zealand

Always connect and remove Slinkylinks RCA’s with the plug, never pull the cable.

The RS1 series utilise an ‘all silver’ signal path. Imagine a pure silver sound signature which is highly revealing with no adverse sound ‘colouration’. In keeping with Slinkylinks design philosophy of producing ‘the closest thing to no cable at all’, pure silver produces a sound with close to no distortion at all.