The Best Autoflowering Marijuana 2020: Top 7 of Strains

Today we bring you one of the most awaited lists of 2020: the list with the best auto-flowering marijuana 2020. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are suitable for fast crops, small spaces, or when you do not meet the necessary light requirements to be able to grow photoperiodic varieties.

For the selection of the best auto-flowering marijuana of 2020, we have looked at important characteristics such as its speed of flowering, resistance, production, capacity to produce cannabinoids, and aroma. All to make the ranking of the best auto-flowering marijuana 2020.

The Varieties of the Best Sacramento Marihuana 2020

Talking about auto-flowering marijuana is synonymous with fast plants. This means that from planting to harvesting only a few weeks pass and it can also be grown outside the usual season. These auto-flowering seeds can be perfectly suitable for both outdoors and indoors.

We start the list of the best auto-flowering marijuana 2020 with Auto Gorilla 00, one of the jewels in the crown of the auto-flowering seeds from 00 Seeds seed bank. It is a specimen that can develop a lot of cannabinoids, a production that seems to be taken from a photoperiod plant.

To obtain the Gorilla Auto, the breeders of 00 Seeds, recognized for their good work of genetic selection, have combined a Gorilla genotype with a Ruderalis, which makes that the speed of flowering of the plant is activated by itself and does not need a certain photoperiod of light to start the flowering.

Maximizing the performance of autos is affordable for any grower.

This is a hybrid plant that, despite being auto-flowering, shows a fairly tall size with vigorous growth. Thus, the Auto Gorilla 00 can reach 150 cm in height outdoors, without exceeding 100 cm indoors. One of its main characteristics is the proliferation of resin.

The plant will be ready to harvest in a maximum of 75 days from seed germination. And now you will understand why it is on the list of the best auto-flowering marijuana 2020 because in this short time it can produce up to 600 grams per square meter in indoor cultivation and up to 150 grams per plant outdoors.

Finally, its amount of active cannabinoids can reach up to 25% THC, with cheerful effects and perfect for socializing. Its aroma is very remarkable, as it presents complex hints of pine and lemon.

Lemon Pie Auto

Talking about the best auto-flowering marijuana 2020 without mentioning some new strain of Fast Buds seed bank, would not be a good job. Therefore, we have selected its Lemon Pie Auto seed as one of the best automatic strains of this year, and we have several reasons to do so.

It is a good experiment that arises from the combination of a magnificent specimen of Lemon Pie with a Ruderalis and that results in a 4X4 plant. In this way, it can offer to those who grow it generous harvests of powerful marijuana with a unique and exquisite aroma.

It is an Indica-dominant strain that does not grow very tall. It has a bushy habit and a height that will never exceed 100 cm. Therefore, it is a plant as discreet as small, ideal for crops with little space or to make your first steps with a Space Bucket and get the best quality marijuana.

Lemon Pie is sweet and is one of the best auto-flowering marijuana 2020.

Buy Lemon Pie Auto

It is easy to grow and resistant marijuana that in a complete cycle of 8 weeks will be able to produce up to 550 grams per square meter indoors and up to 200 grams per plant outdoors. This makes it one of the best auto-flowering marijuana 2020 with more production.

It can concentrate up to 24% of THC, with almost mainly relaxing effects. To finish, it presents citrus aromas, combined with tones of pine and slight kerosene.

Six Shooter

We cannot leave out another Fast Buds variety that dazzled us last 2019 and that could not miss in our list with the best auto-flowering marijuana 2020. It is the Six Shooter: an impeccable genetic work by the Fast Buds breeders.

The lineage of this plant is in the family of Mexican Cannabis and for its genetics were crossed varieties as exquisite as the Mexican Airlines and Crystal Meth Auto. The latter is responsible for accelerating the flowering of this strain without losing a gram of productive capacity.