The business model for a dental clinic

You are a dentist. You are here. And for sure, when you finish reading this post you are going to be grateful. Let’s talk about strategic consulting for dental clinics and the business model for a dental clinic.

The Spanish Social Security covers a very small part of the needs we require in oral health, the large chains and insurers monopolize 80% of the market share and what remains is treated in an innumerable volume of private clinics whose competition is enormous.

Even so, if you are looking for the ohora nails review, there is no need to be afraid, either because you are going to open your own center or because you have been practicing for many years, you can achieve success. The clinical-dental sector is very competitive and today dentists, like other professionals, need knowledge and training as managers of their business activity to ensure the continuity of their own business.

different business models for dental clinics

The business model for a dental clinic

The first step is to be clear about the objective. A business that is competitive implies satisfying an increasingly personalized demand from patients.

A business model -of excellence- is that which in the end fulfills all the initial expectations, and the clearer and more defined the beginning is, the more guarantees of success it has. Reflection, analysis, and data are of vital importance. Especially, knowing the competition.

Clarify whether your clinic is going to be a generalist, for orthodontics, low cost, or at the service of dental chains. Think it through judiciously, like molars. The main sections that make up the business model are three broadly speaking:
Cost structure. Analyzing the main activity, fixed and variable costs, key resources, and/or possible partners or alliances.
Value proposition. Have you ever asked yourself what your real value proposition is? That is, have you thought about what you can offer that is significantly different from your competition and whether your patients will really be able to appreciate it?
Source of revenue. The patients and the relationship with them, the market segment, and the commercial channels.

In short, it is a question of establishing, from the outset, an optimization system for the dental practice, without the imperative need to depend on third parties (insurance companies or large health care chains), with profitable quality criteria and guaranteeing the satisfaction of your patients. Whether it is a dental center with many employees, a local one in a neighborhood, or in a small town.

The management concept and its purpose, the business vision of the dental clinic as a service company, the figure, and functions of the manager, and the commercial and marketing approach are the basic pillars of the business model.

Design and validation of your clinic

The study of the competition, any type of innovative idea, the competitive advantages, and, above all, the market and patient segments are the parameters that must define your dental practice. Even before that, we recommend that you read this content where we explain how much it costs to open a clinic.

What differential value do you offer?

A value proposition is everything that makes you different from the competition and that, in addition, is what your client is willing to pay you for. Think about it: quality, service, or price?

The location of your business, the importance of details, comprehensive treatment or specialization, availability of hours, perfect communication with your patients and their treatments, etc., are values that differentiate you from the competition.

A good dental clinic business model secures patients. Do it.